One On One
With Round Rock Stoney Point's
Sydney Washington
Injuries are all a part of any sport.  No one knows that better than Round Rock Stoney Point's Sydney Washington.  During her sophomore campaign, a knee injury kept her out the whole season.  During last year's regional meet she hurt herself again during the long jump competition after running blazing times the day before, almost guaranteeing herself a ticket to the state meet.  In her final year, her injuries are behind her, and she got this season off with a bang.  During the Dunamis Indoor Classic, Washington blazed the field in the 60 meter dash with a national leading time of 7.36.  Sydney got her outdoor season rolling with an 11.77 at the Desoto Nike Invitational.  She is now preparing to go to New York to compete in the New Balance meet this weekend.  Sydney took time out to talk with Inside Texas Track.  Let's go One-On-One with Round Rock Stoney Point's Sydney Washington.
Inside Texas Track (ITT): What are your events and your personal best in each?
Sydney Washington (SW):  I run the 100 and the 200.  In the 100, I have a wind legal best of 11.73 and a wind aided best of 11.53.  In the 200 I have a best of 24.03.

ITT:  How long have you been running track?
SW:  I started running track back in middle school, in the 7th grade.

ITT:  Tell us about your earliest memory of track and field.
My earliest memory of track and field would probably be in the 7th grade, doing the relays.  I remember when we  used to get baton, we would just jog out and we thought we were so fast.  I went back and actually watch my middle school videos and I was like OH MY GOSH, what was I doing.  Laughing.

ITT:On a relay anchor, would you rather be back and go get everybody or get out front and hold the lead?
I'd rather be back and go get everybody.
ITT: Yeah snatching everybody makes em go ooh wee
SW: Yeah it does, plus when you are behind, I feel like it pushes you to go faster.  When you are already out in front, you're trying, but you are likely not going out as fast as you can go.  If you are behind, you are probably going way faster to catch everybody.

ITT:  What happened last year in regionals?
SW:  I got hurt in the long jump.  My sophomore year before, I hurt myself in the high jump.  I hyperextended my leg, had a partial tear in my PCL and I had a bone bruise, so I didn't get to run any of my sophomore year.  Last year at regionals, it had rain the day  before the long jump competition and i slipped on the plastic on the board and hurt that same leg.  Same injury, I hyperextended it. I was out for three months again.  I still tried to do the 100 to see if it was not as bad as before.  I wanted to try because I didn't want to go thinking "what if I tried".  I tried and it was bad.

ITT:  Baylor Bears?  Why Baylor and what other schools did you have to choose from?
When I was looking at schools, Baylor was the 1st one to reach out to me.   The way I got connected to Baylor was all God.  They just so happened to be sitting next to my parents at Texas Relays.  My relationship with the coach, Michael Ford, is great.  He is real easy to talk to.  I feel our personalities work really well together.  When I went on my official visit, I really liked how the team encouraged one another, and they just seem like a nice, tightnit family.  I really look for that in my team.  All my other teams I have competed with have been like family to me.  Other schools I was looking at were University Of Miami, Stanford, University of Texas and the University of Houston.  Baylor was the first team to really take a chance on me and I felt they really believed in me.

ITT:  #1 in the USA in the 60.  How great is that.  Tell us about that race.
SW:  I felt a lot better going into that race than I have felt in other races.  I really wanted to go to Dallas because I knew there would be some great competition.  I wanted to see where I was, and I how I stacked against great competitors.  So when I came out for the final I told myself that I was not going to focus on anybody else, just focus on myself.  What point am I going to drive, how am I going to transition during the race.  I wanted to see my race before I actually ran it.  So when I came out of my drive phrase, I was like, okay I feel good. When I was able to finish I'm like ok that's a good time.  I was really really happy with that race.

ITT:  What are your goals this year in track and field?
My goals this year is to go to state because I have not been able to go.  I really want to do well at the New Balance Indoor Nationals.  I also want to do well at Texas Relays.  It would be nice to win that.  That would be cool.

ITT:  Who is responsible for your success?
SW:  First and foremost, all the glory to God. I wouldn't be anywhere if he didn't place the people in my life.  I have really been blessed to be surrounded by those who believe in me.  My parents, definitely, they are with me every single step of the way. They coach me everyday.  They coach me in track, they coach me in life, making sure I make the right decisions. My high school coach, Coach Rich.  He's been really good with my training and working with my parents.  Sometimes, there are times I have to do other meets and he allows me to go to better myself.  It's good to have a coach that really cares about track and field.  He really cares about his girls.  My summer track coach, Coach Charles Bragner.  He's been really good in pushing my training.  Some of those workouts I think I am not going to finish, they are crazy, but he pushes me to get through them.  Even now that indoor season is over, he still calls and checks on me and attends some of my meets, making sure I am doing what I need to do to be successful.

ITT:  What has been your greatest accomplishment in track and field?
I feel I have progressed mentally a lot in track and field.  When you are doing track and field, you can't tell yourself you can't do it, or you will not do it.  You have to be mentally tough and track and field has helped me get stronger mentally.  Whether it be on the track or in the classroom, you have to be more positive.  Track and field has help me do this and this is why I feel this has been my greatest accomplishment.

ITT:  What has been your most embarrassing moment in track and field?
SW:  Probably last week.  We were practicing handoffs and I was..I don't know what I was doing, but people were trying to talk to me, I was running and came out fast and got dizzy and just fell.  i hit the track hard.  I scratched up my knee and it was hurting the whole meet, but it was in front of everybody...It was so embarrassing...laughing.

ITT:  What advice would you give to a young person that wants to run track and field?
SW:  The best advice I have heard is, You win in practice.  If you train like you want to win in practice, then you will see the results on the track.

Outside The Track
Nikki Minaj…R.I.P or She’ll Be Back - Ahh man, she'll be back.  She got money.  She's good.  I think she gone be back.

If you could have dinner with anyone, (dead or alive) who would it be and what 1 question would you ask them?
I would probably have dinner with Sanya Richards Ross.  And I'll ask her how she got her life so perfect.  She's married to an NFL player.  They're going to have athletics kids.  That's just life gold.  That's really what I want to know like how did she find such a perfect life.  Her hair always look good, her make up looks good, her nails look good.
What is your favorite breakfast cereal? 
Special K.  If we just had that, I would eat that 3 times a day.  I'm pretty sure Im addicted to it.
What one song do you love that your friends would trip if they knew you liked that song?
I love Brittany Spears.  I really do.  I really like listening to her music.  It's like it's not that bad to me.  I love Toxic.  Yeah my friends would trip if they knew that.  I love Hit Me Baby One More Time.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat?
Twitter.  Twitter all day.
Name one way to improve track and field?
Eating well.  I feel a lot of people can train hard but you can't out train a bad diet.  So I think eating well can really help.
ITT:  You know, I can see you saying eating well after you told me that Special K is your favorite cereal.
SW: Laughing...I like it, I think it taste so good.