Texas track and field has seen its fair share of great hurdlers in its day.  South Oak Cliff’s Cinnamon Sheffield, Port Arthur Lincoln's Ranysah LaBlanc and Bishop Dunne's Ashlee Williams just to name a few.  Never had I seen anyone do the “1-2-3 kick” faster than Arlington Seguin's Tonea Marshall.  During the 2016 Texas Relays, Marshall set a new state record in the 100 meter hurdles with a time of 13.04, eclipsing the old record of 13.23 held by Williams.  Tonea is back for her last state championship meet.  She's looking to defend her title in the 100 meter hurdles and helping her team in their title defense of the 5A team title.  Tonea sat down with Inside Texas Track before she heads down to Austin for her high school finale.  Let's go One-On-One with Arlington Seguin's Tonea Marshall.
Inside Texas Track (ITT):  What all events do you compete in?
Tonea Marshall (TM):  The 4x100, 4x200 and the 100 meter hurdles.
ITT:  That’s it?
TM:  Yeah, occasionally.
ITT: Really?  Cause I got a picture of you long jumping…
TM:  Yeah I know, but I really don’t do that until district season.
ITT:  Me a being a former jumper, my feelings are hurt…moving right along (laughter)
ITT:  How long have you been hurdling?
TM:  I have been hurdling since I was in the 7th grade.

ITT:  13.04 is blazing.  That’s faster than a lot of girls without hurdles.  How are you able to go that fast over hurdles?
TM:  I’m not sure.  I guess hard work.  I train very hard so it becomes second nature.  It’s easy I guess.
ITT:  Describe to us your most embarrassing moment in the hurdles.
TM:  It was in the 200-meter hurdle race at the Junior Olympics.  It was my first time really winning a race at a major meet. We were coming off the turn and I hit the hurdle hard and fell.  I broke my wrist.  I scraped up my knee really bad.
ITT:  What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment in track and field?
TM:  Winning the National Indoor New Balance meet in the 60-meter hurdles earlier this year.
ITT:  You ran that pretty fast too…
TM:  Yeah
ITT:  LSU.  Why LSU?
TM:  I felt like it was a better fit for me than with any of the others schools I visited.  I fit in well with the girls down there, and I also feel I will have a great relationship with my coach, Coach Shavers.
ITT:  What other schools did you have to choose from?
TM:  Kentucky, Texas A&M and Miami.
ITT:  What advice would you give a young hurdler just trying out the hurdles for the first time?
TM:  Don’t give up.  Even if you are doing bad, just keep going because you might be great at it one day.
ITT:  Who do you admire most in track and field and why?
TM:  Kendra Harrison, because she came from not being noticed at all, to being one of the best hurdlers in the nation.  Her confidence wasn’t there in the beginning. She then started being confident and believing in herself.  After that, she started performing well.  I feel she relates more like me, so that why I admire her.
ITT:  Now for our random non-track and field questions.  These questions have nothing to do with track and field.
ITT: Tupac or Biggie
TM:  Tupac
ITT: Why?
TM:  I don’t know.  I like Tupac better.  Plus, he’s cuter than Biggie (laughter)
IT:  Your favorite Prince song
TM:  I don’t listen to Prince
ITT: Everybody got a favorite Prince song
TM:  Purple Rain
ITT:  See, I told you.  Everybody got a favorite Prince song…(Laughter)

ITT:  If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?
TM:  I wanna have…. what is it when you stretch, like the mom in The Incredibles.
ITT:  Why?
TM:  You never die…
ITT:  That’s true…
ITT:  If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive.  Who would it be and what would be the first question you ask them?
TM:  Hmmmm…..I don’t know…..I’m trying to think…Oooh Chief Keef
ITT:  WHO???
TM:  Chief Keef.
ITT:  (Me showing my age) Who is that?
TM:  My favorite rapper
ITT:  What would you ask him?
TM:  Can we like be best friends (laughing)
ITT:  Name one way to improve the world of track and field?
TM:  I wouldn’t put all the spotlight on certain people.  Some websites focus on certain people and not everybody.  They don’t write about what everybody else does.  I would change that.

Arlington Seguin's Tonea Marshall