Desoto’s Kira White knows a little something about success on the track.  As a sophomore she captured gold in the 100 meters at the then, 5A state meet.  Last year she claimed the silver medal in the event.  Her final season brings her another opportunity in the 100 but more than that.  She has a chance to help her team win the team championship.  Desoto is a heavy favorite going into the 6A team title and White will play in a major role if they succeed.  Along with the 100, she will also be running on both the 4x100 and 4x200 relays.  Kira took time out of her busy schedule to sit down and talk to Inside Texas Track.  Let’s go One-On-One with Desoto’s Kira White.
Inside Texas Track (ITT):  What are your events and your personal best in each?
Kira White (KW):  The 100 meters.  11.47.  The 200 meters. 23.99.  I don’t have a 400 time.
ITT: Which event do you feel is your strongest event and why?
KW:  The 100 because I’m very quick and have a powerful ending after 60 meters.  I like the 100 because it’s the shortest race.
ITT:  Which leg do you run on the 4x100 relay?
KW:  Second leg.
ITT:  Now, do you like to get the stick in last place and suck everybody up.  Or do you prefer to get the stick in front and put distance on the field?
KW:  Get the stick ahead and put distance on the field.
ITT:  You don’t like to go snatch people and make the crowd go Oooohh?
KW:  It makes them go Ooooh when you separate too.
IT:  I guess so.  It’s prettier when you go and snatch folks (laughing)
KW:  Yeah it is, but its faster if you already ahead.
ITT:  America is rich in history when it comes to the sprints.  Who would you say is your favorite sprinter and why?
KW:  I love Carmelita Jeter. I don’t know.  There something about her physique and the way she runs.  She just a power sprinter and I just love the way she runs. That’s why she’s my favorite.
ITT:  Oklahoma State.  Why OSU?
KW:  Coach Diego.  He’s a wonderful coach.  They also have a nice facility.  Plus, I love the color orange (smiling)
ITT:  What has been your most embarrassing moment in track and field?
KW:  I don’t know…embarrassing…I don’t know.  I’ve never really had any embarrassing moments.  I don’t know.  I never really feel embarrassed when I do things
ITT:  Too cool to be embarrassed…(Laughing)
KW:  Yeah, just keep it chill.
ITT:  What has been your proudest moment in track and field?
KW:  Winning the 100-meter state title my sophomore year.
ITT:  What are your goals in track and field at the next level?
KW:  I want to run professionally and hopefully run in the Olympics one day.  Whether in the individual race or the relays.  It doesn’t matter.  I want to keep dropping down my times as I compete in college and through the rest of my career.
ITT:  These next set of questions are random non-track and field related questions.
ITT:  Who is your favorite actor/actress and why?
KW:  I love Samuel L. Jackson.  He’s funny to me.
ITT:  Who win One-On-One…Old Jordan or Steph?
KW:  I would say Jordan because he played through the flu.  So he probably has more heart and passion.
ITT:  Name a singer that you like, that your friends would be shocked you like.
KW: I like Rascal Flatts.  They’re a country group
ITT:  I love Rascal Flatt.  Big man on lead has an incredible voice.
ITT:  If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
KW:  I don’t want to eat with anybody because I would want all the food to myself…(laughing)  I would have to say Flo-Jo.  The first question I would probably ask…..
ITT:  I know the question I would ask her but that’s another thing…(laughing)
KW:  (laughing)  yeah I know.  But I would ask her why she wore the long nails and the flashy clothes.  Were you trying to be unique or just being yourself?
ITT:  Name one way to improve the world of track and field
KW:  I guess crack down on most of the doping.  Nowadays when somebody wins, the first question they ask is “are they doping or did they really get it.”  It’s more fair if everybody is not doping but I also know everybody wants to win.  Make it fair.  Make it fun for everybody.  It’s not fun knowing you got second to someone who is using drugs or had an advantage.

Desoto's Kira White