Dallas Skyline's Jostyn Andrews has been around the track a lot in his young life.  Starting out over 14 years ago, Andrews has seen his fair share of track meets.  Non as bigger than his next and final track meet as a graduating senior.  Andrews will be competing in the 6A division 400 meters state final. Jostyn comes in with 4th fastest time from the regional meets, but has the state's 2nd fastest time of the year in conference 6A with a time of 46.97.  We had time to catch up with Mr. Andrews as he prepares to go for the gold in Austin next weekend.  Let's go One-On-One with Jostyn Andrews of Dallas Skyline
Inside Texas Track (ITT) How  long have you been running track?
Jostyn Andrews (JA) I've been running track now for 14 years.
ITT: I've been knowing you that long?  Man I'm getting old
JA: I know right.  It's been a minute.
ITT: Do you participate in any other sports outside of track and field?
JA: I played football all 4 years of my high school career.
ITT: What position?
JA: Cornerback
ITT: TCU. Horned Frogs?  Why TCU and what other choices were available?
JA: TCU just felt like home as soon as I stepped foot onto their campus.  It was just something about Coach Anderson (Head Coach) and how we clicked.  I knew he was the right head coach for me.
ITT:  Have you ever seen a Horned Frog?
JA:  Nope.  Not in person (laughing)
ITT:  What has been your greatest accomplishment to date in track and field?
JA:  Running the times that i had to run in order for me to sign and recieve an education from a major D1 school.
ITT:  What is your strategy when it comes to running the 400?  Some athletes like to go all out and bring in what they can.  Others like to wait until the last minute and sprint the last 100.
JA:  I really just run to the best of my ability.  None of my races are the same in my eyes.  I just do what I can to get the W.
ITT:  If you could put together your own custom made 4x400 relay, who would you have on there and their order.  Past or present runners.
JA:  I've never been first leg sooo I would love to Pop It Off.  Second, I have to go with Tyrese Cooper out of Florida.  3rd leg I would have Keshun Reed out of Arlington Martin with my Big Bro, Will London from Baylor on the anchor.
ITT:  What? No Michael Johnson, no Jeremy Wairner.  Man you put together a REAL relay team.
JA:  Yeah, I want something with my bro's (laughing)
ITT: What is your strength when it comes to the 400 meters?
JA:   I would have to say my finish.  I think I have one of the most strongest finishes.
ITT:  What is the area that needs improvement?
JA:  Just really being relaxed when I run
ITT:  Cool.  Alright.  The next set of questions are randon, non track related questions.  Who ya got, Beyonce or Rihanna and why?
JA:  Rihanna.  I just feel she's the top woman in the game, plus, I don't like a girl that can't rap and sing.  (laughing)
ITT:  If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive.  Who would it be and what would be the 1st question you would ask them?
JA:  Donald Trump.  What is your purpose?
ITT:  Ezekiel Elliot....Underrated, Overrated, or just what we need.
JA:  I don't think we needed a running back, but he's a very good back.  He's been a favorite of mine for a minute.
ITT: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
JA: Twitter (laughing) Everyone is on Twitter.
ITT: I just joined the party (laughing)
ITT: Last question.  Name one way to improve the world of Track and Field
JA:  Have a TV Channel.  Track is such an overlooked sport.  ESPN doesn't give track the fame it should have.

Dallas Skyline Jostyn Andrews