Whoever said the apple doesn't fall far from the tree had to have had Jasmine Moore in mind.  Her mother, Trinette,  was an awesome high school athlete from Michigan who carried her talents to South Beach....actually Tallahasse Florida, but I had to use Bron Bron's line.  She competed for the Seminoles of Florida State.  While at Florida State, Trinette was a multiple ACC conference champion in the long jump and earned multiple All-American honors.  Now it's her daughter, Jasmine,  that is making huge waves in Texas Track and Field.  Jasmine is the freshman phenom from Mansfield Lake Ridge that is currently ranked 2nd in the state in both the long and triple jump with a jump of 20 feet and 41 feet half inch respectively.  Jasmine is on her way to her first of many state track and field championships.  She took time out to sit down and talk with Inside Texas Track.  Let's go One-On-One with Mansfield Lake Ridge's Jasmine Moore.

Inside Texas Track (ITT):  How long have you been jumping?
Jasmine Moore (JM):  I started long jumping in the 7th grade. I picked up triple jumping in the 8th grade.
ITT:  So you have only been jumping about two years now?
JM:  Yes
ITT: Wow!!!  What are your personal best in the jumps?
JM:  I have jumped 20 feet in the long jump and 41 feet in the triple jump
ITT:  Wow, all that in less than two years.  I am totally impressed.

ITT:  What started you into jumping?
JM:  My mom long  jumped for Florida State so she just kinda told me to do it. For the triple jump, i just wanted to get some points for my team at the district track meet.  I didn't like the triple jump but they kinda forced me to do it since I was kinda good.
ITT:  So you don't like the triple jump?
JM:  No, not at first, but I kinda learned to like it.

ITT:  Do you participate in any other events in track and field?
JM:  I do the 100, 200 and the 400 when they throw me in them.  We are running the 4x400 at state. I really don't like to do the 400...
ITT: Who does (laughter)
JM:  I just keep doing it because it is good for conditioning.

ITT:  You are a freshman doing big things.  What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment, to date, in track and field
JM:  Probably last summer winning the Jr. Olympics in the long jump.  The year before I placed 6th and that really hit me hard so that whole year I worked out extremely hard so I could win and I did.  Plus my grandparents were there.  My whole family was there to see me jump.

ITT:  Who are some of your heroes in track and field?
JM:  My mom, because she was really good, and I am always trying to be better than she was.  And Carl Lewis.  I love watching him and his jumps even the 100.  He was such a good jumper.

ITT:  Do you have any pre-jump rituals that you go through before you jump?
JM:  Well, I always have to drink a smoothie because it helps me.  I then do all my stretching, my normal things.  I have this weird, jazzy thing I do with my fingers before I jump, like no one else does it, and it's so weird, but it kinda helps me get into my rhythm before I jump. (and yes she showed us the Jazzy Fingers)

ITT: Being a jumper, most time they compete in far away places away from spectators.  Do you like being away from spectators or do you like to put on a show for the crowd?
JM:  It depends.  At first I really did not like to compete in front of spectators, but at Texas Relays, Tara Davis (Agoura High School) that's kinda her thing.  She likes to get the crowd more involved.  After watching her, it made me like it more to get the crowd into it. I wish people would pay more attention to the jumps like they do the running events.  I do like performing in front of people.

ITT:  We are at the start of your high school career.  What are your long term goals for high school  in track and field?
JM: I would like to get the state record in both the long jump and the triple jump.

ITT:  Okay, what sounds better...Track and Field or Field and Track?
JM:  (Enthusiast) Field and Track.  I wish...I just wish people paid more attention to the field more.  They are paying attention to it more on TV.  Well more than they have in the past.

ITT:  Okay, this is the fun part of the interview.  I have random, non track related questions.  We have lost some music legends.  Who do you have?  Michael Jackson, Prince or Whitney Houston.
JM: Michael Jackson
ITT:  C'mon now girl, You are getting higher and higher on my status.
JM: Yeah, I never really paid that much attention to Prince.  My mom did.  I never paid much attention to Whitney Houston, but everyone knows Michael Jackson.
ITT: Yeah, that would have been my pick all day.

ITT:  If you could have dinner with anybody, dead or alive, who will it be and what would be the first question you would ask?
JM:  Drake. I listen to his music everyday. What would  I ask him...I  don't know.  Did he think he would be that successful when he was younger.

ITT:  Red or Blue
JM: Blue
ITT:  That's my favorite color.  You are on a roll Miss. Jazz.

ITT:  Kevin Hart.  Really funny or really stupid
JM:  Really stupid.  He is funny and all, but the stuff he says is really stupid.

ITT: Name one way to improve the world of track and field...I mean Field and Track
JM:  (laughter) Not a lot of people like to run.  Maybe if we had a big enough facility, where we had a full sized track, indoors.  In a building with air conditioning. Maybe more people would want to do it. I wouldn't mind running as much.  Maybe that could be a great way to improve the sport. (laughter)

Mansfield Lake Ridge Jasmine Moore