From The Editor's Desk
What's up Track Nation.  This is your dude RoJo.

Whew, it's been a while since I have been at the desk.  A lot has gone down since my last sitdown at the desk.  We have seen 3:11 and change in the 4x400 relays, once, twice, no three times already (In my Lionel Richie voice).  Yes I counted Desoto twice because they did it twice.  TSU Relays and Texas Relays were epic in that 4x400 final.  If you were there to witness both races, you are truly blessed.

What else has been going on.  Well, my youngest son Jackson, started high jumping and went underfeated this year topping out at 5-8.  Not bad for someone who has NO FORM.  Gotta a lot of work to do this summer but he is up for the challenge. 

I gotta give a shout out to one of the baddest female runners out there.  Sha'Carri Richardson from Dallas Carter.  I don't know if you guys have seen the pictures I have taken of this young lady in action but she has to be the most relaxed person I have ever seen run.  I mean she has look of calm and relaxation.  I mean her hair stays in place while she runs and she is moving...FAST.  Amazing.

Well, the road to state has begun starting with the district meets.  I will be hitting up one on Tuesday - Dallas Jesuit, Wednesday - UTA and Thursday- Lancaster this week.  You guys look for me and holla at me. 

My movie is coming out Thursday, The Fast and Furious part 11, 12, I lost count, but I'm so glad you guys run during the week during district.  I'm heading to the movies this weekend.  Whoop whoop.

Oh well, I guess my time is up.  I'll holla at you guys next week.  Beware, I will be playing spoiler on the movie...just kidding.  Good luck to all the athletes competing at district. 

Until the next time....PEACE