From The Editor's Desk
What's up Track Nation.  This is your man RoJo.

I hope you guys are enjoying the interviews with the athletes.  We are having a lot of fun doing them and I look forward doing more as the season progress.

The outdoor season is fastly getting here.  I appreciate the indoor, but we all know it's all about the outdoors when it comes to Texas track and field.  I have just completed my schedule of meets I am planning on attending.  Nothing is set in stone but I have some idea of where I will be going.  The only thing set in stone is where Kennedale go, I too shall go.  Ya'll know my son will be jumping this year so, I gotta be there...right.  Unless they go to Grandbury during the Texas Relays...Jackson, text me and tell me how you did.  Just keeping it real peeps.

So, who you got this weekend....Eagles......Patriots......Who you got.  I'm at a crossroads.  I'm tired of New England and TB12 winning everything, but I don't like the Eagles.  Sorry Eagles nation.  I guess an upset would be nice to see so, I can't believe I'm saying this...FLY EAGLES FLY...I hope they don't revoke my Cowboys Membership.  #DC4L.

Alright fam, well that's my time for now.  I'll holla at you later.

Until the next time....PEACE


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