With Converse Judson's
Ariel Watson
Converse Judson has a rich history in the triple jump in the state of Texas.  Producing state champion Chaytan Hill and state medalist Andrew Gamble just to name a few.  Well, there's another young athlete trying to etch her name onto that great list of state medalist.  Current Judson triple jump star, Ariel Watson is poised to be up on the award stand to continue the legacy that is Judson Triple Jumping.  Watson is currently ranked 9th in the state, 6th in the 6A classification, with a jump of 40 feet 1 1/2.  We caught up with Ms. Watson to ask her some questions about the current season.  Let's go One-On-One with Converse Judson's Ariel Watson.
Inside Texas Track (ITT):  Jumping 40 feet was special and you did it early in the season.  What are your goals for the remaining of the season?
Ariel Watson (AW):
  I definitely want to hit that 41 footer. I went 40 feet this week and we were going into a strong head wind so you know there’s more there.
ITT:  Being a jumper and a 400 meter specialist is a hard duo.  Have you ever had to run the 400 before jumping in a meet.  If so, how did that affect your triple jump?
  I never had to do a 400 before the triple jump, but I have had to run an 800 before jumping and it really was not that bad for me personally.  A lot of people say you shouldn’t do it but it has not been a problem for me.
ITT:  Have you decided on a school to attend next year?
AW:  Not yet.  I am wanting to make a decision by April 5th.  That’s kind of the deadline we have set.
ITT:  What schools are knocking at your door?
AW:  I have it narrowed down to Texas Tech, TCU and UTSA.
ITT:  How long have you been triple jumping?
AW:  Triple jumping…probably around the 7th or 8th grade.
ITT:  Who introduced you to the triple jump?
AW:  My dad.  I really couldn’t long jump very well, but I was pretty tall so he told me “you better get out there and just reach”  laughter.
ITT:  What is your earliest memory of track and field?
AW:  Probably the first time I quit. I have a twin brother and my dad dropped us off at practice.  We were probably around 6 or 7. We were living in Austin at the time.  We got tossed in warm -ups, we were crying.  We were ready to go.  When we moved to San Antonio, we tried it again and it stuck that time.
ITT:  What has been your greatest Accomplishment in track and field? 
AW:  That’s a tough one.  I don’t know.  You reach a milestone and you kinda just look forward to the next one.  I never really hung on to one thing.  I’m like “you reached that, now what’s next.”  That’s a tough question for me. 
ITT:  What has been your most disappointing moment in track and field? What did you learn from that experience?
AW:  My sophomore year I had a really bad hamstring injury.  I was really having a good year.  Last year, I had a calf injury, a strain.  It was a nagging injury and I kept pushing myself.   I’ve learned that I need to take precautions when something is not feeling right and go through treatment.  So now I can be “oh, my hand hurts, I need to go to treatment.” Laughter
ITT:  “Oh man,  I broke my nail.  I gotta go to the shop.  I’m not jumping like this”
AW:  Laughing….Yep, definitely!!
ITT:  What advice would you give a young person that wanted to do the triple jump? 
AW:  Definitely be patient.  They may be jumping the same way that I’m jumping but they are not jumping 40 feet, but their phases are so crisp.  You have to be willing to go out and practice and learn every day.  It’s not something you going to get in one day.  Be prepared to learn something every day.
Off The Track
ITT:  What is your favorite song all time?
AW:  Ooh that’s a hard one.  That’s a really hard one.  I would have to say something off the Miseducation of Lauren Hill.
ITT:  How old school are you…finish this statement…  You, you got what I need.  But you say_______?
AW:  He’s just a friend.  You talk about old school,  I collect records.
ITT:  What is your favorite Movie and give us a quote from the movie.
AW:  Ok.  Me and my dad like the Mob movies.  Not like The Godfather movies, but more so like Casino and Goodfellas.  It’s not a quote but when calls out his wife’s name.  He was like “KAREN”  I cannot hear that name and not laugh.
ITT:  Social Media  Facebook/snapchat/Twitter/Instagram -
AW:  I would probably say Twitter.  It’s probably the only social media that I constantly get on.
ITT:  If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be and what would be the 1st question you ask them?
AW:  See that’s…you keep asking these hard question.  I know who it would be, but  I’m not sure what I would ask him first.  It would be former President Obama, I have a million questions running through my mind.
ITT:  What would be your first question?
AW:  If he could have taken away the social stigma and did not have to worry about pleasing people, how would he go about addressing the social injustices in this country?
ITT:  Name one way to improve Texas High School track and field. 
AW:  I’m from San Antonio, and we are not lacking any talent, but I would like if we traveled to bigger meets.  Houston does a good job at putting on meet with some of the state’s top talent.  Dallas does the same in their area.  I wish we traveled more to those regions so we can compete against those who will be at state.