Battling Back From The Point Of No Return
By RoJo
Sr. year, #1 high jumper in the USA as a high school athlete, decides to continue his career at Baylor University, the sky was the limit for San Marcos' Allex Austin.  Son of current American high jump record holder, Charles Austin, Allex had a strong background in the high jump.  His college career never really got started because a foot injury his freshman year would not only wipe out his freshman campaign, but his entire college run.  After being told he would never be able to jump again, the young Austin tried one more avenue.  A family friend, who by the way is a doctor, gave him a small chance at jumping again.  It was the chance he was looking for and now years later, Allex is back doing what he loves to do, high jumping....WELL.  Earlier this year, he set an indoor personal best at 7-4, and looks to go out and prove he was destined to do this.  Inside Texas Track caught up with Allex Austin with an exclusive interview.